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About Eeuwke
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Eeuwke Wielinga is a Dutch rock and metal drummer heavliy influenced by drummers like Mike Portnoy, who introduced Eeuwke into odd time signatures, polyrythms and time phrasing concepts, and how to creatively develop the parts while the song progresses.

Eeuwke's list of Dream Theater covers for example, contains a wide variaty of songs that are considered typical DT songs by the hard core fans out there... therefore a must cover priority for Eeuwke.

EXPLORE it - the more you click the more you'll find!

Live Gigs
Awaiting some live gigs soon...
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Drum Cam Dream Theater-Take the Time
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Pull Me Under
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Spirit Carries On
Drum Cam Dream Theater-One Last Time
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Dance of Eternity
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Home
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Through Her Eyes
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Beyond This Live
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Fatal Tragedy
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Strange Deja Vu
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Overture 1928
Drum Cam Black Sabath-Paranoid
Drum Cam Pantera-Walk
Drum Cam Extreme-Decadance Dance
Drum Cam Led Zeplin-Black Dog
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Hell's Kitchen
Drum Cam Dream Theater-Another Day
Drum Cam Aerosmith-Fever
Drum Cam Queen-Stone Cold Crazy
Drum Cam RHCP-Suck My Kiss
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